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Facing the Unknown

Posted on July 18, 2012 at 5:24 PM Comments comments (21)
Endeavouring on a new experience is often fraught with a heady mix of excitement, anxiety, trepidation and anticipation.
Be it  for example a new job, relationship or change in lifestyle, we all face these challenges from time to time.
How we navigate these feelings often has a lot to do with templates laid down from very young.
Our reactions,  when we take time to reflect on them, often have a familiar tone, as they are greatly  influenced by those who have had a significant input  in our early years.
We tend to incorporate this range of responses we have observed , into our own behavioural database.
As we get older and experience more and more the subsequent consequences of our actions, we then learn how to adapt these responses to generate more favourable outcomes.
Or do we?
 Esssentially this is what we would expect to happen, but as we all bear witness to, this is often harder than it seems...
Altering patterns of behaviour, no matter how counterproductive they may pan out to be, can be a struggle.........